All Life Matters Made in the USA/USA sourced materials repurposed denim "ALL LIFE MATTERS bracelet


 MADE IN THE USA. All materials are responsibly sourced in the USA. All Life Matters. That say's it all. Unisex "ALL LIFE MATTERS" re-purposed denim bracelet with white non toxic paint freehand wording. Snap closure gives the bracelet a strong hold.

This USA bracelet, made with materials sourced in the USA, is durable! you can swim, shower, or even run through the mud with it on,  and it holds up. Just wash it of with a bit of gentle soap (no harsh chemicals or bleach of course). 

Women's size is 7" snapped, and men's are 8" snapped. the width is approximately 3/4"  We will be more than happy to add an inch or so at no additional charge. 

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