• Custom tagless glow in the dark re-purposed denim pet ID collar (medium 14-20")

    please add your pets neck measurements
    please add your pets name

    Have you every found a dog or cat running free, and tried to read their tag to see who their family is. This can be especially difficult at night.

    It was this exact problem that gave us the idea for a collar that glows in the dark and had the pets name big enough for most to see.

    Because this is custom, it take a bit more work on your side, (the customer), but well worth it in the end.

    Collars are made of USA sourced re-purposed denim, and non- toxic glow in the dark paint, that is made in the USA. Collars have a brass snap closure, and is not adjustable. Medium collars are approximately 3/4" wide

    To measure your pets neck, use a measuring tape and measure around your pets neck. Add two inches to that measurement. This is your pets neck size. The collar should be snug and you should be able to slide two fingers between the collar and the pets neck. Never ever have a collar too tight. This is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous.

    Add your pets neck measurement and name where indicated. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to email at sales@earthangelssanctuary.com. Collars normally ship within 5-7 days.