• Recycled plastic bottle canvas "simply unique" handbag, hand painted.


    "Simply Unique" canvas handbag that is like no other. Canvas is made from recycled bottles. These bottles are collected off the streets in Haiti, and those that collect them are paid a fair wage for their efforts. The lining of the bag is re purposed cotton/poly material. The opening is reinforced with re purposed box strapping.

    Hand painted with a shark and dolphin that has a bit of sparkle on the front of the bag. A bit of bling!

    The bag will be part of our Edith Rain collection, named after two sweet fur babies who lost their lives before their time.

    The color of the initial bag is a light lime green, The lining is pink or blue depending upon availability of material. The bag is machine and hand sewn, and measures 11 1/2" X 11 1/2"

    This bag is an example of our use of re purposed and recycled materials, and eco-frindly. Fair trade is important to us.