• Sittin' Pad Made with re-purposed cotton, rip stop, and hand painted.


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Comfy Sittin' Pad. You take your pooch for a walk, to the dog park, or maybe your kitty likes to sit on the bed, well now you have a comfortable pad for them to sit on, or just maybe....for you!

    Sweet Kitty Rainmaker Roos approves! See her pic.

    Size is 15" X 17"

    The pads come in blue or pink. Please choose pink or blue from the drop down, and if you want one of each, you will have to add them to the cart separately. Top of pad is re-purposed poly/cotton or cotton. There can be different shades of pink or blue based on the availability of the material. this makes them unique. The bottom of the pad is rip stop nylon. This makes it a bit more durable and water proof. The insert is foam. We just found a new foam insert, which is a densified polyester pad, made from recycled materials in the USA

    The colors in the cat/dog image that appears on them all are randomly chosen. This creates slight differences between them. If you would like to add a pets name, you can add that at no additional charge.

    We are currently out of stock of materials for this product. We are picky about our sourcing, and true to our beliefs. As soon as we have new suppliers, we will have have them in stock.